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At Crescent Seoul
We develop a product to match your brands. No hassle. So easy.

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Work with best factories in the world

Product Development Made Easy.

With us, you can submit your product brief to multiple factories in South Korea and receive samples at once.

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Our team of experts

Make sure you're in good hands.

Our team of experts have experience from global leaders in beauty industry, such as Estée Lauder and L'Oréal. Also we are approved by the Korean FDA as custom formulation specialists.  

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Here's a highlight for you

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We provide you with a complete guide of product development

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No need to talk to multiple suppliers. You can just talk to us.

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We work with top
manufacturers of

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It takes 6 month
for us to launch a brand

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We provide custom solution to every client

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Clean design

With us, you'll have access to top branding firms in Korea

Our office vibes

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Lab tours must be booked at least 2 weeks before visit.


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Easy to launche

a new product

See what our clients say

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Savannah Nguyen

NPD at Abstergo Ltd.

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You guys have the best quality samples.

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Albert Flores

PM at a fashion brand

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This is super helpful!

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Arlene McCoy

CMO at Barone LLC.

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It's just great to compare prices at once. I'm so glad I met you guys.

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Dianne Russell

Designer at Acme Co.

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The product development process has been so easy and simple.

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