March 7, 2023

Product brief for rapid cosmetics development

A product brief is a document containing all detailed information about the cosmetics you want to make.

So why is the product brief so important?

The reason is that Korean skincare manufacturer want to know their clients' needs quickly and accurately. Blank explanations not only slow down Korean cosmetics lab, but they can also question your passion for making cosmetics. The clearer your product brief is, the easier it will be for skincare formulation labs to accurately understand your needs and for you to achieve the best results you desire.

We will tell you what should be included in a basic product brief for Korean cosmetic manufacturing.

Product name

Main concept (ingredients and benefits)

Key distribution channels

Target audience

Expected retail price

Desired production cost

Product volume/quantity

Product format/formulation

Fragrance preferences

Functional attributes

Design concept

Unique selling points for marketing

Fill out the above information in a product brief outline and forward it to the Korean cosmetic manufacturing companies or K-Beauty Suppliers. A well-prepared product brief serves as a roadmap for the product development process. This communicates your brand's readiness and commitment to the project and helps manufacturers understand your requirements and provide more accurate answers and recommendations tailored to your needs.

Creating structured inquiries with a product brief demonstrates your brand’s expertise and willingness to collaborate. Lay the foundation for meaningful interactions and productive collaborations with Korean white label cosmetic manufacturer by communicating clearly and concisely. Remember, taking the time to prepare shows that you are ready to embark on a successful journey of product development and production.