January 4, 2024

Crescent Seoul: Driving Innovation in Cosmetics Manufacturing at SNU Haedong Startup Demo Day

On September 26th, Seoul National University's College of Engineering, under the leadership of Dean Hong Yoo-seok, successfully hosted the 'SNU Haedong Startup 4th Cohort Demo Day.' During this event, 23 exceptional startups, nurtured over a year, were recognized and awarded a total of 164 million KRW (approximately $140,000 USD) in grants.

SNU Haedong Startup 4th Demo Day
Participants of ‘SNU Haedong Startup 4th Demo Day’ are taking a commemorative photo.

Our company, Crescent Seoul, proudly received an award at the SNU Haedong Startup 4th Cohort Demo Day. We specialize in collaborating with international clients interested in cosmetics manufacturing in South Korea. Together, we develop the cosmetics they desire and facilitate their exportation.

The program, initiated through an agreement with the Haedong Science and Culture Foundation in July 2019, offers tailored incubation services and financial support to professors, students, and alumni preparing for entrepreneurship.

Team of Crescent Seoul
Team of Crescent Seoul

Since its inception, the program has seen remarkable growth, with the recent 5th cohort comprising 101 teams, including 41 graduate student startup teams.

The cumulative achievements of the program's first four cohorts are estimated to exceed 350 billion KRW (approximately $300 million USD), making a substantial societal impact. Seoul National University's focus is on nurturing entrepreneurial talent and fostering partnerships for diverse funding sources, alongside offering expert mentoring throughout the program's duration.

Our recognition and selection as one of the startups supported by the SNU Haedong Startup program underscore our role in connecting international clients with Korean cosmetics manufacturers, contributing to industry innovation and collaboration. We are committed to furthering our contributions to the cosmetics industry in South Korea and expanding our international partnerships.

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